All The Tools You Need
to Successfully Transition From College to Career

College to Career Success is an all-in-one resource that makes it easy for college students to transition to corporate. After four years of studying, preparing for tests, and spending lots of money on school, don’t leave your first professional job to chance. We help you polish resumes, nail the interview, land the position, and learn executive secrets to launch your personal brand for success.   

The Most Important Investment

  • You have invested 10’s of thousands of dollars on your education.
  • Your first job is your launching pad for your entire career and success.
  • Don’t risk not getting the job to chance resulting in lost years of compounded money and reputation.
  • Let us help you prepare for your dream job and a successful future.


Note:  Limited number of clients coached each month.




What Clients are Saying . . .

Jackie helped me with both my Resident Assistant position and my internship. I became an RA and had an internship a year sooner than most of my peers. The investment I made, paid for itself.   – College Sophomore    

My stretch goal was to get a position within the Government Relations field in Washington DC.  Jackie gave me the strategies, focus and confidence to get my dream job.   – College Senior

It was night and day once I started working with Jackie. Suddenly, I was being noticed and getting opportunities I previously did not have. She helped me to tell my story and land the position.  – Recent Graduate Changing Career Paths

Everything You Need

College to Career Success contains all the tools you need to   successfully Transition from College . . . to Career:


  • Polishing Resumes and Cover Letters

Congratulations, you are graduating and searching for a new position/internship. All those years of studying are now left to one little sheet of paper – your resume. Where do you start and how do you stand out to be selected amongst stacks of candidates?

  • Nailing the Interview

“Why should we hire you?”

Learn secret strategies to communicate your value story. Be guided step-by-step on HOW to position yourself. Discover how to be selected for a corporate culture and team. Most importantly, why should you amongst 100’s or perhaps 1,000’s of college candidates get the job?

  • First Impression – First Week

You only have one chance to make an exceptional first impression. Whether we want to admit it or not, that first impression can stay with us for years influencing our raises, promotions and future earnings as well as our brand reputation.

  • Executive Mentoring for Personal Brand Success

Increase your long-term success, personal image and reputation through strategic mentoring. How to avoid common fears and early obstacles while exhibiting impressive confidence out of the gate. Your first year is your launching pad for your entire career and future success.


Three Easy Steps . . .

We take care of it for you.

Afraid you may not get that job? No one wants to be unemployed after investing four years of college. We offer executive guidance and coaching to rock your resume, nail the interview, and be noticed in corporate. 

Let us guide you step by step.

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About Jackie

Be The Best You

Author, ARE YOU READY? A GUIDE TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU Founder, The Best You Transformation in Motion™ Collective Power Series

Jackie Cantoni is an AWARD- WINNING MENTOR, author, and dynamic speaker who shares everyday key strategies and transformational life lessons to boost your confidence and self-worth. Jackie instills in you an unwavering self-belief and confidence, so you are inspired to see it in yourself. 

With over 20 years experience as a leader in a Fortune 50 and a Fortune 10 company, Jackie has reviewed thousands of resumes, interviewed, hired and mentored hundreds of college students.

As you partner with the College to Corporate Success Program, Jackie will guide you step-by-step to become the best version of yourself. 

Be you . . The Best You.

Jackie offers strategies and secrets from more than 20 years of executive recruiting and internal candidate vetting discussions. She helps you avoid the obstacles, share in the secrets and increase your chances for success.

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. 

Don’t let your dreams slip away. Limited Seats. Join today. 

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